Detached Villa - Ref. No. 22066

Ref. No. 22066 Detached Villa

€100,000 For Sale
Amargeti Paphos
Detached Villa Houses
1004m² Plot
Sales Agent Stefanos Constantinou

Property Features


The residential land in Amargeti Village Paphos, Cyprus is characterized by the following specifications:

  1. Structure: The land has a structure factor of 0.9, indicating that 90% of the total land area can be used for building purposes. The remaining 30% might be designated as open space, garden area, or other non-constructed areas.

  2. Cover: The land has a cover factor of 0.5, which means 50% of the total land area can be covered by buildings. This factor takes into account factors such as setbacks, green space requirements, and building density restrictions.

  3. Floors: The land allows for the construction of up to two floors. This means that a residential building can be built with a maximum of two levels, including the ground floor and an additional floor above it.

  4. Height: The maximum allowable height for the building on this land is 8.3 meters. This measurement typically refers to the height from the ground level to the highest point of the roof or any architectural feature on the building.

    L.N 151/E , R.N 1106