Ref. No. 22913 Detached Villa

€1,150,000 For Sale
Geri Nicosia
Detached Villa Houses
4 Bedrooms
330m² Covered
738m² Plot
Assistant Agent Bianca Matei

Property Description

A stunning 4 bedroom 4 bathroom all ensuite house with a swimming pool for sale in an exclusive and quiet neighbourhood on the border of Latsia and Geri, Nicosia.

The house has been recently fully refurbished with no expense spared. All areas in the house are from very to extremely spacious (for example the area of the Master Bedroom including its en-suite and its Wardrobe is approx. 50 m2). A lot of attention and care has been given even to the smaller details in order to have the perfect finishing result.



– Entrance Lobby

– Main Corridor

– Formal Living Room (with front and back verandas)

– Dining Room

– Guest WC

– Wardrobe for Guests Coats / Jackets

– Service Corridor with Service Entrance

– Bedroom (with En-suite Shower, WC & Wash Basin)

– Kitchen

– Laundry

– Family / TV room with a Fire Place (with access / view to swimming pool)

– Control room

(for Electrical/Controls/MATV/Telephone/LAN/Internet/CCTV/Security Systems)

– Staircase with two (2) landings

– Store (under the staircase)


– Corridor

– Open Style Study / Library room with Balcony (may be used as Living room as well)

– Master Bedroom (with En-suite Bathtub / Jacuzzi, Shower Cabin, WC & two (2)

Wash Basins), with Balcony at the front and at the back

– Second Bedroom (with En-suite Bathtub, WC & Wash Basin) and Balcony

– Third Bedroom (with En-suite Shower, WC & Wash Basin) and Balcony

– Small Kitchenette

– Attic (on top of part of second Bedroom and Corridor)


All floor areas around the house are covered with marble or stonecrete (Plynto) or synthetic grass. Under the trees there is brown colour gravel stone . There is no soil visible anywhere. The trees planted are Palm Trees, Leylande, Kumquat, Robeline, Shefleras, short and tall Paradise Birds.

Besides the Verandas all around the house the remaining external areas in detail are:

– Swimming Pool 8 x 4 m (Skimmer type with BUCHTAL Ceramic tiles and water level from 1.1m to 2m made by EKA Swimming Pools). STONECRETE floor around the swimming pool is approx. 90 m2

– Bar and Barbeque worktop made of concrete and covered with the same type Stone as the remaining house and having 4 storage compartments below bar and 4 below worktop with aluminium doors

– Central Heating Plantroom

– Swimming Pool & Irrigation Plantroom

There are five (5) Balconies on the first floor : two for Master Bedroom and one for each of 2nd Bedroom, 3rd Bedroom and the Study/Library room. Three Balconies are built in the same finish as the house walls and the other two are a combination of Stainless Steel / Sandblasted Glass.


An effort is made not to use artificial materials. All materials used are natural i.e. Marble, Stone and Wood.

1. Concrete / Steel : Concrete and Steel was used for the construction of foundations, foundation slab, columns, roof slabs. More than 55 Tons of steel was used in the construction of the house with the appropriate amount of concrete. The structure is antiseismic (there are individual foundations which additionally are connected all-together with steel/concrete, so in an earthquake the house is moving as one solid structure).

2. Block Walls : External walls are double walls with two (2) bricks and 5 cm polystyrene insulation in-between. Internal walls are single red brick plastered.

3. Floor Finishes : Entrance Lobby, Corridors, Formal Living Room with its front veranda, Dining room, Wardrobe for Guests Coats / Jackets, Control room, Store, Kitchen, Laundry, Family / TV room, Staircase, Open Style Study / Library Room, All

Balconies : Marble LIGURIO Beige (Italy)

All Bedrooms : Solid Wood Parke-Walnut Tree (Germany)

Maid’s Bedroom en-suite in GF : Marble DRAMAS White (Greece)

Guests WC in the Ground Floor : Marble SPIDER (Italy)

Master, 2nd and 3rd Bedrooms’ en-suite : Marble CREMA MALFIL (Italy)

Area around Swimming Pool : STONECRETE

All other external floors for Verandas And Bar : STONECRETE

External Remaining non-built area : Synthetic Grass and gravel stone

4. Wall Finishes : All external walls are covered up to 1 metre height with Stone


Two (2) projecting volumes of the house (one is the study room-FF and the GF Bedroom-GF and the other is the en-suites of Master / 2nd Bedrooms-FF and the Dining room-GF) are completely covered externally with the Stone KIVIDON/TOCHNIS (Cyprus)

The internal wall from the Kitchen until the Guests’ WC is covered with Walnut Tree wooden Decorative Panels (doors of Control room and Wardrobe for Guests’ jackets are part of this cover and you cannot notice them when they are closed.

All Bedrooms’ en-suite and Guest Toilet walls are covered with the same marble as their floor.

5. Roof Finishes : All roof slabs are concrete in straight line and roof tile are installed on inclined wood panels fixed on top of the slab. Roof tiles are of the flat type imported from France.

6. Doors / Windows : Except the Main Entrance door which is made of Aluminium and covered with HPL panels, all external doors and windows are made of aluminium ALUMIL (assembled in Cyprus by PAGIO) and they are either of the opening type or the sliding type depending of the location. They are double glazing. Additionally net sliding doors for the aluminium doors and net rollers for windows are installed for mosquitoes, flies etc.

7. Internal Ceilings : In the majority of areas Gypsum False ceiling is installed 35 cm below the slabs to increase the insulation, to accommodate the installation of Cove Lighting, Downlights, other special type of lighting and the Consealed type Air Conditioning Units.

8. En-suite Bath / Showers: All En-suite Bath / Shower rooms floors and walls are covered by marble. All the furniture and sanitary fixtures in them are purchased from MODA BAGNO / INTERNI and are of the best quality available in the market. All of them are imported from Italy and made by known designers.

9. Kitchen / Laundry : New Kitchen and Laundry cabinets have been installed as part of the recent Maintenance / Renovation. Worktop is made of Hi-Macs. Cabinets are a combination of white colour walnut tree colour, and the worktop is of white colour.

Appliances are

SIEMENS (Oven, Steam Oven, Microwave Oven, Electric/Induction Cooker, Kitchen Hood and Deep Freezer), MIELE (Washing Dishwasher and Espresso Coffee Maker), LG (Washing Machine) and LIEBHERR (Refrigerator/Freezer/Biofresh Combination). All appliances are built-in the Kitchen / Laundry cabinets.

10. Cloth Closets : All Cloth Closets / Wardrobes are purchased from AMBIANCE Co. and the colour is Venge.


  1. Air Conditioning : All areas in the house are air-conditioned (there are nine (9) air conditions in total, 3 x 24000 BTU, 4 x 18000 BTU and 2 12000 BTU). All of them are DAIKIN and all are of the concealed type installed inside the ceiling voids with flexible ducts connected with Slot Diffusers which are the top quality in A/C Grills. The only A/C unit which is not concealed is in the kitchen and it is of the Cassette-type. All the Air Conditioning Units are controlled locally by Thermostat-Sensor and also by the Central Control System.
  1. Central Heating : There is under floor Central Heating installed in the House which is utilising Gas Burner. The Central Heating can be controlled by both Ground Floor and First Floor Controllers and also by the Central Control System. Each area of the house is controlled by electric valve and in this way can be isolated from heating according to the users need.
  1. Plumbing System : First quality plumbing system “Pipe-in-Pipe” is installed.
  2. Hot Water : Hot Water is made available in the house by three (3) Independent ways: Through Solar Panels, Through Central Heating Gas Burner and through Electric Water Heater Element. Except the Solar Heating method the other two methods can be controlled/selected through switches and through the Central Control System.
  1. Irrigation System : An automatic / programmable Electrical Irrigation system is installed. It comprises of Control Panel, electric valves, boosting pump, dedicated 1.4-ton water tank and pipe distribution with pop-up sprinklers everywhere there is grass and trees.
  1. TV System : Two (2) RF Antennas for terrestrial Channels (capable for digital signal reception also) and two (2) Satellite Dishes (Hotbirt and HellasSat) are installed on the roof. All TV wiring from everywhere in the house is ending in the Control room and is connected to a Central Amplifier and forms the MATV system. The system is delivering the same quality of signal in all TV outlets inside and outside the house. Additinaly, there are Home theatre installation provisions in the Family/TV room and in the Formal Living room.
  1. Telephone / Data System : In all areas of the house and in the Bar there are double outlets (one for Telephone and one for Data) wired back to the Control room and terminated on Patch Panels installed on a rack. All wires used for Telephone / Data System are Category 6 (the highest standard for data transmission after the fiberoptic). The Telephone patch panel is connected to the incoming CYTA telephone lines but also it can be used for a small PABX if the user wants to installone. The Data Patch Panel is connected to a Data switch. This is creating the Local Area Network which also has a Wireless router for wireless connection anywhere in the house. There an EIB control system which controls the house (locally through the LAN or wireless or remotely through internet).
  1. Lighting : In all areas of the house excellent quality Lighting fixtures are installed – Hidden Cove Lighting, Downlights, Recessed LED lights, Lights Suspended from Ceilings, lights with up and down beams and wall mounted lights. The finish varies from white to Aluminium and Stainless steel. All of them are purchased from LUCE Ataliotis and are made from known European designers (Meyer, Ligman, Luce, Antares etc)
  1. Lighting Switches : All switches for Lighting are special switches from SIEMENS with silver finish and control the lighting on/off and in selected areas with dimming control.
  1. Lighting Motion Detectors : In all areas of the house Siemens Motion Detectors are installed (with the same finish of the Lighting Switches) which at evening time are activated by a photocell and they turn the light on a room if the user enters the room. Also when a room is not occupied for a specified period of time (i.e. 5 minutes) they turn the light off. The Motion Detection System for Lighting can be activated or deactivated through the Central Control System at the User’s discretion.
  1. Security System : The Security / Intrusion system installed is made of SIEMENS. Security Motion Detectors are installed in all areas of the house. Four (4) keypads are installed (three (3) in the Ground floor and One (1) in the Master Bedroom all with password protection for activation / deactivation of the Security / Intrusion system.
  1. Security Cameras : The Security Cameras system installed is made of HIK VISION and installed by FALCON SECURITY. There are eight (8) CCTV cameras installed and connected to a recorder, storing all the external views of all cameras for 1 month. User can see the view of all cameras on his mobile phone / tablet remotely.
  1. Main Entrance Control: A touch Screen is installed at the Entrance Lobby from where the user before exiting the house can control everything individually (i.e: Turn specific or all internal lights on/off, turn specific or all external lights on/off, turn specific or all power to internal sockets on/off, turn specific or all power to external sockets on/off, turn on/off the power to equipment, A/C, Central Heating, Control the power supply to the A/C Units, Operate the Central Heating etc.
  1. Socket Outlets : The Power Socket / TV / Telephone / Data Outlets installed are made of LEGRAND – Mosaic Model with the same silver finish of the Lighting Switches.
  1. Electrical Safety : Power Sockets, Kitchen Equipment, Water Heater, Jacuzzi and Shower / Sauna Cabin Circuits are having RCDs (Earth Leakage Protection) inside the Distribution Board. In this way any electric contact with a person will shut down the equipment.
  1. Central Control/BMS : Central SIEMENS EIB System is installed in the house controlling almost everything. Lights, Power, Sockets, A/C Units, Central Heating, Irrigation System, Security etc. System can be accessed and house can be controlled by a wireless touchscreen / PDA from anywhere in the house and also remotely via the internet.
  1. Photovoltaic System : A Photovoltaic System of 10.26 KW capacity is installed.

Property Features

Air Conditioning
Barbeque Area
CCTV cameras
Ceiling fans
Central Heating - Underfloor
En suite bathrooms
Furnished - Fully
Furnished - None
Furnished - White Goods
Gated Community
Parking - 1 Covered
Parking - 2 Covered
Photovoltaic System
Security Alarm
Separate Kitchen
Swimming Pool - Private
Wheelchair facilities

Transfer Fees

€42,600 Transfer fees + €2,208 Stamp Duty
€39,200 Transfer fees + €2,208 Stamp Duty
The above calculations are an indication of your tax liability and legal fees when buying a property in Cyprus. The Cyprus Land Registry calculations may differ since are based on thier own property valuation price.
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