Property Management

Long Term

We will not only help you find suitable tenants but also prepare all necessary documentation required. We are in charge of contracts, background checks and identification whilst guaranteeing satisfaction between tenants and landlord. Administration of prompt payments are immediately transferred to the landlords bank account on a monthly basis. All rental payments and paperwork are documented and are accessible anytime via an online platform. Monitoring and enforcing contract terms and conditions. Any breach of contract and our real estate lawyer will advise you in what procedures are necessary in order to claim all your rights within your property.


Maintenance by professionalism and high standard, always organized and supervised by us. The owner is always informed before any fixes are proceeded. All necessary home improvement and checkups are executed for better maintainence.

Regular Checks and Visits to your property to ensuring everything is running smoothly. Regular pool checks via task sheet twice a week in summer and once a week in winter. Garden checks together with all services such as cutting, pruning, trimming etc.

Stress Free

Enjoy The Freedom Of A Stress Free Life. Let us take care of all your property requirements in the Paphos Region. Let us help you make sure your rental provides the ROI you are seeking! Let us handle those stressful situations for you and ensure that you are able to have the most success for your property! Let us work hard on your behalf and rest easy knowing your property is being managed professionally. We often find that owners save time, headache’s and money when we manage their rental property! Get in Touch  today, we can give you a free property review and evaluation and explain what we can do for you. 

Lets discuss Your Needs

Just fill in your contact details and your requirements. Our consultants are standing by to discuss your needs!

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